Welcome to the New Jersey DataBank

We invite you to explore the comprehensive set of data on current issues in 20 policy areas in the NJ DataBank. It's easy-to-use format makes a wealth of data available to all citizens of New Jersey – community advocates, nonprofits, schools, urban and suburban planners, political officials, and the media. Our overall goal is to promote evidence-based policy and decision making.

The data posted on this site comes from recognized organizations with links back to the original source. If you would like to request your data to be posted, please see our guidelines on the About Us tab at the top of the page. 

The NJ DataBank was developed in the belief that data driven policy making is the key to the advancement of people, the quality of community life and the sustainability of our shared environment. We hope that you will use the data available here to rasie awareness, foster civic engagement and promote accountability in the policy areas that matter to you.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Marc Holzer
Founding Dean and Board of Governors Professor
School of Public Affairs and Administration. Rutgers University-Newark

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